We offer Close Protection Officers & Bodyguards for dignitaries, the film industry, VIPs, public speakers and celebrities. We understand the need for privacy and recognize the cultural and ethnic sensitivities of our clients.

All of our members are former Military & Law Enforcement, selected and qualified Close Protection Officers to a SIA standard to ensure the highest level of protective services. Our CPO’s are level 3 medics, must maintain a high level of fitness and periodically undergo physical and psychological evaluations.

Whatever your private life or business needs, Blackcore offers customized security services to individuals, corporations and NGOs, both domestically and internationally. We design and implement a security plan to ensure safety of the client.

Our protective services include witness & victim protection, personal, family, residential and asset protection. After initial assessment, a security consultant will be immediately appointed to you & available 24/7.

Whatever your security needs, Blackcore has you covered.